About DTK Air & Sea

Our goal is to ensure that you are timely informed about your cargo status and that the cargo is handled with a minimum of environmental impact.

Our educated and motivated staff ensures that you have peace of mind to run your business. Through follow up and proactive communication we will continuously keep you informed about your cargo.

The DTK Air & Sea setup ensures a globalreach for all customers, who needs to mover cargo safe and timely.

Being part of the DTK Group we can offer solutions to all your logistics needs, and our personalized
customer service pays full attention to the needs of you company when handling your logistics.

Customs Service

Sydhavnsgade 7 2. TV
8000 Aarhus C


Tlf. +45 44 14 08 00

Do you need a quotation?

Call us or write to us for an offer, or come to our office and we can go through you freight needs over a nice
cup of coffee.

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